Andrea Bryant  a Brief Introduction

Today, I’m a soul-centered astrologer with a passion for helping individuals realize their full potential. I’m thrilled to guide others to see the divinity within and to use their unique gifts of their chart to become the confident pioneers on their own journey of life.

From a very early age, I have been fascinated with the metaphysical. Early on, it was contained by what was available to me, catholic doctrine and travel to distant lands (my mother was a travel agent). I remember looking at magnificent churches, cathedrals and mosques with wonder, excitement and imagination, my whole body filled with heightened sensitivity for any bit of esoteric knowledge to be imparted upon me. I was officially an energy junkie!

As a practical foundation, I pursued economics and finance, but always found the time to continue my spiritual quest. With astrology, and a touch of astro-theology, the whole world started to make sense. I’ve developed an eclectic blend of various astrological teachings, healing techniques and conventional studies to bring a practical application to my work.


"I recently had an astrology reading done and I am so impressed by the information I learned I am suggesting that you might want to have a reading done by her. What I learned helped me understand myself so much more – and gave me a clearer understanding of my souls purpose as well as tools for how to get there with more ease. I highly recommend Andrea Bryant 

Barbara Ellen

I want to make it a point to thank Andrea for such wonderful readings, time and time again. Each reading successfully builds on the previous, revealing a wealth of useful and new information. When I have a reading with Andrea, she makes me feel like I am the luckiest soul alive. Just as my soul is about to ascend to join those on Mount Olympus, Andrea gently brings me right back down to Earth by reminding me of my service to others. Make no mistake though, Andrea does not sugar coat any potentially problematic aspects of ones chart. She does however display them in such a manageable way that allows one to re-frame such as a strength to be harvested, rather than an obstacle to be concurred. This is beautiful and rare. Andrea’s sincere fascination and devotion to astrology is evident in her person centered readings: You won’t find this caliber of excellence, or person centered content, anywhere else.

Mandy T

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