Interview (transcription)

Marji: So, I’d love for you to tell me about this New Moon. You know I love New Moons. Another month, another new beginning and a new chance to set our intentions for the month ahead, yay!

Marji: So, what do you see coming in and can you tell me a little bit, for the people listening that might not know, what is the New Moon?

Andrea: Well, the New Moon occurs monthly, when the sun and the moon are conjunct or together, in a particular sign. I like to give people the image of the New Moon being like an empty cup ready to be filled with the incoming energy, and when we add our conscious intentions to the energy that is already in play, it really kicks up what we reflect out to the world and in turn the world is going to mirror it right back to us.

So, it’s all about an understanding of what’s in play, adding our conscious understanding and intention, to go after what we love and what we want.

This month’s New Moon has 4 retrograde planets that are going to slow us down and give us the opportunity to reconsider how we’re going to go forward, which is, I think, a benefit. This is such a strong time in history to reassess what is authentically important to us and the key question, for the month, that I'm putting out there is what will add more value and happiness and make our life more meaningful? When we look to the skies on April 26th, the first thing that jumps out is that there isn’t much of a direct connection between this New Moon and other planets.

There is only a week conjunction, 10 degrees, which is pretty far away to Mercury and Uranus, but other than that, the sun and moon are essentially going it alone. But, mark my words, just because they’re not making strong aspects with another planets, it’s not going to minimize the effects of this force energy that is going to come through. The moon is about reception and reflection and she exalts in Taurus. Meaning the qualities of this moon will be most easily expressed and intensified and all these intensified emotions, instincts and feelings can have the effect of making people feel vulnerable and probably make them want to keep their feelings private until they figure out what the heck is going on.

So, we need to ask what is going on. And the way I interpret the chart is that over the next month, I see the values of Taurus really coming to light and people questioning whether material possessions alone are capable of making them truly happy. Over the next month, we can expect to see Taurus themes playing out that have to do with people being dependable, reliable, patient and loyal and of course there’s always a flip side which is stubborn, materialistic and possessive. These are Taurus themes; Taurus, the strong bull is a fixed sign that represents the element of Earth and Earth energy is rooted in what’s tangible. Those things we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Taurus is known for its sensuality and its appreciation for what’s beautiful and because of that, Taurus loves to acquire material possessions. The more things the better and the goddess (the planet Venus) rules Taurus and she is the icon for sensuality, beauty and physical pleasure. By now, probably most people are thinking Taurus sounds great. What’s wrong with all that?

But Taurus, like all the signs, has its journey, and the journey begins with acquiring material possessions and living life sensually through the 5 senses. Taurus associates their inner value with the beautiful material possessions they have and this continues until the point when Taurus feels an inward lack even though they’re surrounded by all these beautiful objects. Taurus then realizes that there’s got to be more meaning to life than what’s physically tangible and they start to question their attachments to the physical and want to do something more meaningful. At that point, that’s when Taurus turns their powerful energy to finding the inner value within themselves and they want to give their own gifts, talents and abilities to helping others find theirs. So I see that over the next month, issues will come up where many people will be taking a strong look at their inner value and reassessing what that means in the big picture of their life.

Marji: Now, really diving deep inward, correct? And learning to express themselves in that way?

Andrea: Right. It’s going to be a full re-evaluation about what is valuable, you know? Because so many people acquire so many beautiful things and at first it feels great but in the end, if you're sensing that that didn’t make who you were, that didn’t touch your inherent value and you can’t reflect that inward value out to the world, then there’s a sense of emptiness and that emptiness does not have to continue. At anytime, we can reassess who we are and what is valuable about us and take that inward journey.

Marji: What a great time to do that especially if it’s the spring and everything that you know? Beautiful. I got chills actually. Go ahead.

Andrea: Good. And so, you know this New Moon isn’t having a strong conversation. It’s having a weak one and we’ll get into that but essentially isolated and so what we want to do is look at Venus and see what Venus is doing because Venus rules Taurus and Venus is in the last degree of Pisces. I don't know if you remember in our last Full Moon assessment, I had mentioned that Venus has gone Retrograde, back into Pisces for re-evaluation, and so she gave us another chance to imagine and consider what true beauty is and what makes us authentically beautiful. Again, it’s that inward beauty. So both Venus and our Taurus New Moon tell us to start our month out by tapping into our feelings of what we need to be inwardly fulfilled and how we can showcase our true inner beauty. Again, it continues with the theme of looking inward for the greatest value in our life. Okay, now we’ll take a look at the loose conjunction, the weak conversation that is taking place between the New Moon and Mercury and Uranus and it’s happening in Aries.

So, there’s still a strong urge to express our individuality and independence in an impulsive way. But with Mercury Retrograde, the mind is slowing us down, making us rethink and recheck our communication, so we can reconsider what new ideas are popping into our head and how to actually express them to get the maximum impact. Now, Mercury and Uranus are having conversation with quite a few planets. The strongest of course is the T Square that is happening with Pluto and Jupiter and we can get into that and also Saturn, so we’ll get into that.

Pluto Retrograde is also on the corner of T Square and it’s keeping the pressure on. The question, I think unconsciously in people’s mind is whether to keep or destroy the current established materialistic power structure. I think people inherently feel, they inherently feel that something isn’t quite right with our established systems of money, government, food, health, etc. But they, people can’t get a handle on it, you know? Expect more dirty secrets to be exposed over the next 7 years. Well, Pluto is you know, raking Capricorn over the coals. Capricorn is all about structure and what we have established and I think people are, they’re waking up to the problems that we’re having with our current power structure.

But thankfully Saturn, (we’ve got a trine with Saturn going on) and Saturn in Sagittarius which brings elements of maturity and wisdom and helping us to get to our own personal truths. You know, personal truth is different than the truth that we hear out there. I don't know if you've come to the conclusion that no matter where you turn, there seems to be, somebody new giving you a new kind of truth and we don't know what reality is anymore. There’s so much truth and so many different places from so many perspectives that the real truth has to do with our own individual journey and what we experience on a daily basis and Saturn is helping us find the wisdom and truth that we need so we can come up with our own innovative, even ingenious ideas., And you know Marji, I firmly believe that it is the inner pathway, not the outward focus that gives life a sense of purpose, meaning and value. And I don't know how can we help those we love, even the planet, without a sense of purpose, meaning and value. I don't know.

Marji: Well, it does start inside and that gets mirrored and reflected out in everything we do. Whether it’s, you know, working with plants or playing with kids or your animals, whatever. But once inside we find our value and true, what I would call our true selves, filled with love and truths. Whatever that is for each individual, it’s projected out and from there, you're right. The true ingenious comes out and the true magnificence of all of it. Whether to challenge or not, right? There’s still this deep connection and inner beauty inside of us that gives us the ability to navigate and be real is what I would say, just be our real true selves and it does start there.

Andrea: Right. It starts there and that, and then we get to interact in a really authentic way with others, which then brings more meaning to our interactions in our life with other people.

Marji: And more value and everything and for me, you know, it also once that journey starts, really you can’t stop it. I don't think, the calling is there but I also then believe we become, once we feel that and know that that’s who we are. Our ability to work with the energies that you're talking about and understand them becomes much more, as part of our natural state, right? You know, it’s like yes, so instead of someone being afraid of the Full Moon or something (I’m just saying that) they become aware of that, what that alignment is for them specifically, right? Like it’s such a cool thing.

Andrea: Yeah, it’s an opportunity for them to know themselves better and express themselves more authentically. You know, overall, just love life and know that there’s a meaning and a purpose for their being here because everybody is an individual. We each have our own unique vibration and reason for being in on the planet and we want to maximize that. I do want to just talk about the last aspect that’s going on with this loose conjunction between the New Moon and Mercury, Uranus. There’s also an opposition going on with Jupiter and you know everyone loves Jupiter, planet of good fortune and it’s in the sign of Libra, sign of partnership and how we relate to each other and currently Jupiter is retrograde, giving us a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and happiness but here’s the deal with Jupiter. When it’s retrograde, if you want the best out of this planet, then there has to be a requirement -- a requirement for each of us to really think about how we’re going to go about getting what we want. How are we treating others to get what we want? Are we being cruel, thoughtless, greedy or some other un-virtuous tactic?

If we are, then when Jupiter goes direct in June, there will be disappointments. But on the other hand, if we’re operating with integrity, we can certainly expect great leaps forward with our dreams and our plans. The conversation that you are having right now with Neptune is one of trusting that if we interact with people in an honest and decent way, then the road with our ideal vision of what we want will appear.

So, we have to trust that being decent and honest and all those, well I’ll call positive character trait virtues… If we live that way, then the road we want with all our dreams and hopes will appear and so, the retrograde planets are asking for us to do a lot of rethinking, reworking, re-evaluating, what is important to us. If I had to pick three positive character traits that jump out for me over the next month, they would be these. Number one, gratitude. Being truly appreciative for all the beautiful material possessions that you have been able to acquire in your life so far. Number two, detachment or a sense of freedom knowing that those outward possessions do not really truly reflect who you authentically are inside and number three, purpose. To let your creativity and joy, over your own value, dictate how you will go forward and shine. And that’s the way I see it, Marji.

Marji: That’s awesome. That is so awesome. What I would like to know and I know that you're starting this program, so you just shared with me about the month and how can someone like me, work that with my own stuff when you've done a reading with me before and I would, is there some way or are you going to start something or do you have something where I can reach out to you once a month and maybe work with these New Moon energies coming in with my own chart?

Andrea: Absolutely. Each month, I will be providing personalized readings of the incoming energies and how they impact someone personally. So for instance, you were born with moon at 12 degrees Taurus and you would definitely be impacted by this because we have a Full Moon, I mean pardon me, New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus, well that’s a conjunction and so, you will be impacted and I say that over the next month, you will be looking for more ways to bring more meaning to your life and the value you bring to your friends, colleagues, social groups and the services you provide for people because it shows up in your 11th house. So that’s how I see it coming to you. Now, during a monthly reading, we’ll get more in depth about how you can navigate and maximize the incoming energy so you can be happier and more fulfilled, and of course, we’ll do it with all the planets in your chart to see how your life is being impacted.

Marji: Yay, I’m so excited! So how can they reach you?

Andrea: My website is awakenastrology.com. You can email me at andrea@awakenastrology.com. So you can find me on Basmati. So it’s easy.


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