Capricorn Full Moon 7/8/17 = The Explosive Full Moon

A full moon always highlights tension between opposing forces.  That is why a full moon is notorious for people acting a little “crazy”. But this full moon is going to take it to a new level of emotion, activity, and power playing!

You are likely to experience these opposing forces in these areas

  • Home versus work
  • Inner emotions versus outer ego/persona
  • Your unconscious needs versus conscious desires

These conflicting energies will be so intense that they have the potential to create situations that act like dynamite, if you’re not able to look at the situation objectively and keep things from getting out of control!

On a personal level,

This has the potential to create serious relationship problems involving; self-esteem, ego, old wounds, sexual conquest and needing to win.  Or, it could simply play out with a feeling of being drained and powerless and then suddenly exploding onto your partner, wreaking havoc and disharmony.

On a global scale

 We could also see game-of-thrones style tactics with big power plays: overthrows, military invasion and even warfare. Domestic violence and social disorder are also a potential. There’s not much you and I can do about what’s happening on the global scale except master these energies on a personal level, thereby affecting the energetic field in our own way.


Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer, opposing Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn:           

 These are the primary aspects occurring during this full moon.


Mars rules cardinal fire and the Sun rules fixed fire

The Sun is our own inner luminary and how we shine. The Sun represents our identity, creative life force, and our conscious mind.

Mars is often associated with the “God of War” governing the areas of energy, action, desire, aggression, and anger. Mars is about survival, leaving little room for contemplation before asserting the will.

Sun and Mars working together create an identification with doing something. The need to express ourselves urgently and with force becomes clear. So, we are working with double doses of fire energy with this conjunction.

On the opposite side of the chart

 The Moon represents one’s innermost needs and feelings, bringing in all memories and primal connection to our mother, home, and our past. This involves our behavior patterns and programs.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.

Pluto triggers all the heavy emotional stuff that lurks in the deep waters of the psyche that most of us haven’t had the chance to investigate and bring up to the surface to integrate. Pluto rules power and destruction through stubbornness, sex, jealousy, domination, addiction, and crisis.

 Moon rules cardinal water and Pluto fixed water.

Moon conjunct Pluto creates an intense emotional nature with heightened sensitivity. Once again, we have double strength energy, but this time it’s with our emotions.

The planets create the source of the energies but the signs that they are located in, become the filters.

Cancer, the sign of the crab, lives in both water and on the earth. He carries his house on his back as an example of how we’re never too far away from the home, and the roots we were born into.

Capricorn is an active earth sign representing the goat that wants to climb to the top. Although Capricorn is an earth sign, it is goal oriented and wants to get things done, to create a structure. Because the Moon rules Cancer and Mars exalt in Capricorn, each of these has an added incentive to create an oppositional dynamic.

Mars in Cancer opposing Moon in Capricorn creates a see-saw between holding back intense emotions and then expressing them. The fire signs increase the intensity and propensity of dynamic release. So, what we end up with is intense feeling that might try to hold back, but will eventually explode!


Make no mistake about it, with Moon, Pluto and Cancer, the emotions are there whether they get expressed or not.

It’s not hard to understand that we can end up hurting ourselves and others if we don’t use these intense feelings and emotions with consciousness. And if we’re not aligned to what’s highest and best, we have the potential to make mistakes with serious consequences, ones we may regret in the future.


The Capricorn Full Moon on Saturday, July 8, 2017, will create intense emotions that will prompt the reaction of dynamite. Having an outlet to release emotional tensions will help channel the flow of energy into constructing something positive, that you can be proud of. Some possible solutions could be:

  • Focusing on starting or finishing a weekend project around the house or yard.
  • Set clear objectives early and stay on task.
  • Create your favorite sports challenge: hike a steep trail or compete in your favorite sport. Or, simply hire your physical trainer to work you extra hard at the gym.
  • Join a workshop or a group on emotional healing.
  • Have great sex. Practice mediation. Journal your feelings.
  • Finish up the weekend with what you’re grateful for and how life is beautiful.











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