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Capricorn Full Moon 7/8/17 = The Explosive Full Moon
A full moon always highlights tension between opposing forces.  That is why a full moon is notorious for people acting[...]
Gemini New Moon Arrives May 25
  Interview (transcription): Marji: Today we're speaking with Andrea Bryant from Awaken Astrology.  I'm so excited about this new moon,[...]
Andrea Reads A Basmati Editor’s Astrology Chart!
Never had your astrological chart read? Always wanted to know what it's like? Tune in here for Basmati Editor Ursula Squire's first time getting her Soul Chart read!
This month’s New Moon has 4 retrograde planets that are going to slow us down and give us the opportunity to reconsider how we’re going to go forward, which is, I think, a benefit. This is such a strong time in history to reassess what is authentically important to us and the key question, for the month, that I'm putting out there is what will add more value and happiness and make our life more meaningful? When we look to the skies on April 26th, the first thing that jumps out is that there isn’t much of a direct connection between this New Moon and other planets.
Aries New Moon: March 2017
Take Action! The sign of Aries, represented by the ram’s horns, is symbolic of impulse and force. The archetypes of the[...]
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