Lunar Eclipse – August 7, 2017



The final phase of a total lunar eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse can only occur at the moment of a Full Moon. Instead of full illumination, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon casts a shadow on the Moon. A Lunar Eclipse is a significant disruption of the lunar cycle.

The Moon distributes the light of the Sun each night according to its changing relationship with the Sun. The Moon controls the tides and the flows of water,  the growth of plants and the emotional expression of animals & humans (60% water).  The Sun (our conscious awareness) and the Moon (unconscious self) are in continuous communication.  The Moon goes through phases and each phase has its influence on the earth.

 The purpose of the Full Moon is to bring knowing & understanding (full illumination) of the energies that began with the New Moon and built up during the lunar growth phase.

During an Eclipse, the shadow that is cast on the Moon halts communication. Instead of understanding, we get disruption and disorientation.  For those people who are sensitive, it can feel as if a rug has been pulled out from under us.

Eclipses are known for bringing about unexpected events. During a crisis, we are suddenly stopped in our tracks with emotions that we weren’t planning on. If we take the time to honor our feelings and objectively observe our reactions we can notice the unconscious patterns and programs that have been operating on. By becoming our own Sun (conscious awareness) that fully illuminates our own Moon (unconscious reactions) we can come to know our life’s lessons and be free to make new choices with greater clarity and personal strength.


This Full Moon is a showdown between the opposing signs of Leo and Aquarius.


Sun in Leo represents our unique individuality, our basic nature and inner self. The energy from Mars intensifies our desire to express ourselves authentically.  The Moon in Aquarius awakens a need to connect to our peers and to fit in with the larger group. Expect this Lunar Eclipse to bring about a crisis, and subsequent opportunity, in the areas of expressing your authentic self, finding courage to share your uniqueness or sharing innovative ideas.

These oppositional energies are meant to be merged. A greater sense of wholeness can be reached by remembering that your unique characteristics and individual purpose do have an important place within the shared mission of the group.

Also, expect this Eclipse to bring up unexpected situations and the heightened emotions regarding truths and secrets. Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius want to get to the truth of matters, even if those truths are dark and seemingly ugly.

Relationships that we thought were built on trust may be tested by new information. Would you feel relieved to know the truth? Maybe, a personal secret is holding you back from being all you can be? You may find that revealing the truth can be freeing for yourself and others. Truth is what we need to move ahead with more clarity.

This Eclipse is a perfect opportunity to see that strong emotional attachment to ideologies can be holding us back from our authenticity.

Some facts about Lunar Eclipses

  • A Lunar Eclipse is considered to be a significant event with effects lasting up to 6 months
  • Eclipses bring up unexpected situations and the heightened emotions that come with it.
  • Judgement may be impaired so if you don’t have to make important decisions…don’t.
  • The house or houses in your chart, in which the Eclipse falls, are the areas of our lives that will receive the most focus.
  • If your Sun, Moon and Rising sign make an aspect to the Eclipse, they will be impacted.
  • Or, if any planet of your birth chart comes within 5 degrees of the Eclipse, that will also have an impact.






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