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Interview (transcription)

Marji: I’m calling to find out if you would like to share a little bit about April or the upcoming month regarding astrology.

Andrea: I would love that. Tuesday is when astrologers would start the month and the reason for that is because we have a new moon in Aries on Tuesday, so we consider this essentially to be the lunar month of Aries. The moon is going to set the tone for the next 28 days and Aries is going to be the energy that’s being promoted.

Let’s just talk a little bit about the sign of Aries, which has the symbol of the ram’s horns. And so, imagine two male rams facing off: they’re just charging head first into each other and what you’re seeing is impulsiveness and forcefulness going on and that is very much a good imagery for Aries. There are archetypes for Aries which are the warrior, the pioneer and the adventurer.

So again, with more imagery to really help understand and feel the energy of Aries would be the warrior that’s pulling this sword from his sheath, ready to charge forward in battle. There would be the pioneer that is ready to face all unknown perils, traveling through a new territory to get to a better destination, and another would be the adventurer that’s dismissing all fears of danger in order to have the excitement and thrills of the new challenge.

These archetypes are perfect to sort of sit with and understand the kind of energy that Aries is about. It’s about putting the desires of self into action. It is that spark of fire impulse from the realm of unlimited potential or source that comes through to the individual and the mantra for it shouts: “I am.” So, it’s a wonderfully powerful energy. It also can be very self-centered, if it’s not handled correctly.

So, this new moon is about getting the best for yourself, for your highest self, and that is happening because Aries is propelling us into action. We may feel the impulse to just do whatever we want, but there’s the sun in the moon, so this new moon is essentially the sun and the moon conjunct, sitting together. Picture the moon, a new moon as an empty cup. It receives energy from the sun, and this sun is shining its light with all this Aries energy. The moon is the receptacle -- and it reflects back what the sun is giving it, but the moon is also Aries as well. So, we have this double dose of Aries energy being filtered from both the sun and the moon, but there are 3 other planets also in Aries -- and they would be Mercury, Venus and Uranus and they’re asking us to look at them for guidance. Those planets also in Aries are going to tell us a lot about how we can actually utilize this Aries energy and not just blindly lunge forward.

Do you have any questions about what I just said before I go into the 3 other planets?

Marji: What if someone is maybe not aware that there is a potential for somewhat self-destructive behavior?

Andrea: Good point, which is why when we consider these next 3 planets and what they tell us, it’s going to give us a lot more guidance on how to direct this Aries energy. One of them is Venus, beautiful Venus, about love and beauty. A Venus in Aries is about using the Aries energy to go after what we love and what we think is beautiful. So, let’s say we meet someone new and we impulsively go with “This is great, I want to jump right into a new relationship!” That can happen with Venus in Aries energy. Or, we see something like a new type of fashion or something like a beauty treatment and we feel we need to have that -- and we need to have it now in order to feel more beautiful or more attractive. So again, this is the Aries impulsive energy using Venus, Venus’ energy, "I must have it now."

What's really interesting is that a few weeks back, Venus went into retrograde, so we need to talk about how this Venus retrograde energy is a little different, because retrograde puts the brakes on. It signals for us to reconsider jumping right into those activities. We go wait a minute, maybe I better think about this. And Venus is the ruler for both Taurus (which is slow and steady) and Libra (which is about relationships). So basically, Venus says slow it down: match up with someone who’s better for you long term and who’s more partnership material (which would be Libra). So Venus says, “Look to me, I’ll tell you what to consider.” She asks us to ask ourselves what true beauty really is and what makes us so authentically beautiful. So again, we’re not looking externally.

But we are looking internally, and so we have this Venus energy over the next month moving backward through Aries and right back into Pisces (where it was a few weeks before that), and Venus exalts in Pisces. And I think it’s important to talk about how refined and beautiful Venus is in Pisces, because she’s elegance and grace. She is the most transcendent and ideal expression of herself there. She’s exulted there and again, when we think about Venus, she’s asking us to go for the best, the most ideal. The most exulted vision of what we love, what we feel is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with that because Aries is just as charged. What are we going to charge for? Something marginal or something that’s really optimum? She goes back direct on April 15th and, at that point, everyone’s going to be much clearer about what and how we choose love. So, that’s a beautiful thing and that takes care of Venus.

We have Mercury and Uranus also in Aries. Mercury in Aries is all about having a quick-thinking mind and the ability to express those ideas. And because it’s conjunct Uranus, it basically gives our ideas an extra dose of being urgent, impulsive, and genius.

So, wow, if that doesn’t inspire you to action, then nothing will -- and Mercury just says, “I’ve got this great idea, let’s go!”

Marji: And Uranus is like the backup, right? Like saying, “Come on!”

Andrea: Yeah! Uranus is just saying, “Oh my God, this is rebellion. This is freedom. Let’s go for it.” But what’s going to slow it down and think about this is that on the 9th of April, Mercury too is going retrograde and so it says, “Rethink your impulse.” It wants you to ask the question, “What type of action will create the highest and best result?” So, Mercury is going to ask you to reevaluate those actions. So, it says, "How do I handle this? How should my mind evaluate this?" Well, opposite Aries is Libra, and so the best type of action is going to create an outcome in one that considers the other person or the people that matter in our life. Libra governs partnership. It balances out our ideas of self-absorption -- and so when Mercury and Uranus oppose Jupiter (the planet of expansion) in Libra, it basically says that the best result is going to come from considering our loved one. Here’s what’s really fascinating: we have Uranus and Mercury: Uranus is the soul ruler of Libra (which is partnership) and Mercury (the soul ruler of Aries). So we have these soul rulers: planets that rule the higher aspect of ourselves, the non-material aspect of ourselves, the aspect of ourselves that really matters when we finally drop all the baggage, the external baggage. So Mercury asks us to tap into our higher mind and know the purpose of our inspiration, and Uranus ask us to speak innovation and new ideas to problem solve in relationships.

So, each of these planets is showing us the best long term way to take action.

Aries and Libra are two of the cardinal signs, and so I want to just quickly follow the key cardinal stops of the moon over the next month, because this is how we’re going to see how we can work and understand how the moon moves, since this is her cycle. And, when we follow the cardinal stops, we’re going to see that one week after the new moon, we’re going to have our first quarter moon -- and that’s where the moon will be in the sign of Cancer, which is where she rules, and she’ll be opposite to Pluto and Capricorn.

This is called the "cardinal cross" and this is very powerful. When the moon is in Cancer, it’s all about the feminine -- and the feminine is defined by emotion and water. It’s emotion, sensitivity and connection and bonding with others. It’s love and conscious awareness and this is what we need to create that balance.

I’m going to give a very easy example. Let’s just say, Marji, you have an idea right now that you want to move forward with, but you’re not sure whether to move forward with it. You’re thinking maybe your partner isn’t going to like it and you’re not sure what to do.

So you have a choice. You could, first of all say, “well, forget you,” to your partner right? And that is the Aries energy influence - you just want to go! You can just grab that Jupiter expansive energy from Libra and just pull it to yourself and say “I’m going to do what I want to do. That’s it.” You might get what you wanted, but you would also have to consider that in getting what you wanted, you would probably lose a certain quality to your relationship.

But scenario two says follow the moon around its cycle. In the cardinal cross, it says when you get over to Cancer, bond and make an emotional connection with your partner. Explain to your partner why you want to do what you want to do, why it’s important to you, where the impulse is coming from, and what your role is to reach the goal. Maybe if it includes your partner, show why you’re excited. Make the bond in Cancer; that’s the juice of life! Isn’t the relationship what we love anyway? Why would you just eliminate the juice? It’s beautiful, and then what happens is that a week later when the moon moves into Libra (again, Libra is about partnership) and Jupiter’s already there -- so we have moon conjunct Jupiter, expanding your relationship. Don’t be surprised if your partner is more supportive than you thought. That’s how I see the month taking shape and wrapping up and using those Aries energies to the highest caliber.

And for those people who are in relationships in which they feel like they’re making a real honest attempt at bringing their partner on board, and they feel like their idea is reasonable and they go through those steps of sharing the idea and the emotion behind it, and the partner still doesn’t get on board... well, I have a funny feeling that they already know that partner is not the best partner for them anyway.

I mean that’s the really disappointing part because I know we dream of having a partnership in which we can truly be ourselves and share what excites us with the other person and be able to get them involved and have them support us and, when that doesn’t happen, inevitably the relationship could turn for the worse anyway. So, just keep that in mind. Not all partners are ideal.

Marji: How do I contact you for a reading on me?

Andrea: Right. So, I’m http://awakenastrology.com. You can find me there.

Marji: Okay.

Andrea: You can email me at andreams369@gmail.com.

Marji: Okay, great. I’ll ask one more question. When I have my chart done with you, will it help me better understand how all of that works with me personally, on a more personal level?

Andrea: Well, yes. Everyone has their own birth chart, which is their blueprint of energy, and so when I’m working one-on-one with a person, I work with the person’s birth chart and their own unique, personal set of energies.

Marji: Oh, that’s perfect, I’m looking forward to that. I feel that it’s a great tool to help us navigate not only within ourselves but also with what’s happening in the world.

Andrea: It definitely gives guidance.

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