Each human being knows that part of The Journey is to recognize the value of the Soul and its desire to grow and to gain wisdom. But the material-focused world we live in doesn’t recognize the true value of our inherent worth. We are distracted by the extreme emphasis that our culture places on external values at the expense personal growth. In our daily pursuit of material comforts we loose sight of  gaining inner wisdom through the practice of higher values.

Many of us understand this on a deep intuitive level. We know our true value is not measured by our success in the material realm . . .

But we just don’t know where to take it from here.

Before incarnating, each soul creates (in cooperation with his/her spiritual teachers and guides) an overall plan for that lifetime based on the cumulative experiences and needs the soul has incurred in past incarnations.  While still on the inner planes, souls contract to assist each other in a variety of roles.  The major goals for all are spiritual growth, karmic balancing, and service to others.  How well we achieve these soul goals will give us our feeling of well-being and “success”.

Soul-centered, astrology can serve as one of the most beneficial tools for self-understanding, spiritual growth, and life-planning. It can help bridge the gap between your desires and achieving the self-fulfillment you seek

Andrea’s soul felt insights and intuitive gifts will help guide you along the path of discovery and the intuitive understanding of who you are.  You will gain a greater appreciation for the gifts you brought into this life cycle and the deeper meaning of your challenges. Her soul-centered astrology will help guide you along your life quest, and in staying the course of your great soul journey.

 Soul Centered Astrology

The following is a list of some of the topic we often focus on in a

"Soul Centered" reading of your chart:

Life-Path Lessons

You arrived on this planet with a unique set of life challenges to overcome, and lessons to master. Discover what could be blocking your potential, and how to release negative patterns that may be holding from moving forward.

Your Strengths and Talents

Identify those areas you naturally excel at, and how to take your potential to a higher level in your life’s work and in your occupation.

Fulfilling Your Needs in Life and in Your Relationships

You are uniquely you and yearn to fulfill your life’s purpose. You are a beautiful soul with the desire to express that beauty. Through astrological insights it is possible to discover your essential needs in life and in relationships. The goal is to nurture and fulfill the Self.

Insights Into The Year Ahead

We’ll will examine the astrological signals for the upcoming year to view the possibilities of any opportunity for expansion, major changes, or lessons to master. Most of our dialogue will focus on your current concerns and address your main questions, or possibly reveal what may want to become aware of.




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