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The Air Element

The  element Air has three signs : Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

The word “air” is a good description of those born under the signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. Air signs float freely and can appear detached, aloof, remote, and cool. They’re more apt to dance around a problem than face it head-on.

Those born under the Air signs are those people who breeze in at the last moment and offer a whole new perspective on a project, without knowing very much about it. Air signs are the most flexible of all. They can adapt easily to any environment or situation. Those born under the Air signs are wonderful communicators, and are often storytellers, journalists, and musicians.

In each triplicity of the Zodiac there are three qualities, Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Each sign has one quality. Under the Air sign:

* The Libra quality is Cardinal.
* The Aquarius quality is Fixed.
* The Gemini quality is Mutable.

And, of course, when each quality mixes with any other quality, different results can be expected. When Air and Earth are mixed, Air lifts Earth up and makes it more flexible. At the same time, Earth grounds Air. Earth is duty-bound while air is more liberated. Together they make a well-rounded team and – if there’s mutual respect – an unbeatable team. Air and Fire are what they call a dynamic duo. They each feed off each other’s strengths. Air gives Fire direction and logic, while Fire gives Air a sense of purpose and passion.

Air and Water are mutually soothing. They complement one another. Water leads Air to deeper feelings while Air lifts water up and gives it curiosity. When Air and Air are mixed, the result is a meeting of the minds. Two kindred spirits in perfect harmony can enjoy a lifetime of shared interests and experiences.


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