The Earth Element

The 3 Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

You’ll often hear these people described as “earthy,” meaning that they are grounded. Those born under the Earth signs tend to blend in with their environments. They don’t fight against their surroundings but rather seek unity within them. That’s not to say that they are passive, however – just adaptable.

Those born under the Earth signs generally operate at a slower pace than Water, Air, or Fire signs. They take the time to absorb all the information and think things over before they act. Earth signs are rooted in reality, and that tends to make them more productive in terms of tangible results. But those born under the Earth sign need to have balance with Water, Fire, and Air in order to hone their time management skills. Without this balance, Earth signs are at risk for becoming workaholics or hoarders.

That isn’t to say that all people born under the Earth signs have identical personalities. They certainly do not. You see, within each triplicity there are three qualities that are equally important. There are three qualities; Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. And under the Earth signs:

  • Capricorn is a Cardinal sign (Capricorn starts things)
  • Taurus is a Fixed sign (Taurus is more grounded than others)
  • Virgo is a Mutable sign (Virgo is changeable)

Obviously, when signs are mixed, the results won’t always be the same. For example, when Earth is mixed with Water, Earth can help Water find new avenues of expression, while Water can help Earth soften up its rigid structure. Both benefit mutually from the relationship. When Earth is mixed with Fire, Fire inspires Earth, and Earth can guide Fire into a more structured existence.

When Earth is mixed with Air, Air exhilarates and lifts Earth up, while Earth brings Air down to ground level. When Earth is mixed with Earth, the result can be the building of Empires. Earth plus Earth is an immensely powerful duo!


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