The Role of Moon Signs in Astrology

Most people don’t realize that astrology relies on the study of three different components in order to determine personality traits. These three components are the sun, the moon, and the ascendant, and their position together determines the type of person you are likely to become.

The importance of the moon sign in astrology is often underestimated. It is not as well-known as the sun sign, probably because it is more difficult to find, but it can reveal a lot about an individual. Those who take the trouble of learning their moon sign, either through a computerized system or text of astrology, realize that they can relate to their personality better once they know the characteristics associated with it.

The placement of the moon goes through a change once every 60 hours. Therefore, about three times a month the moon is in a different position at nig4t compared to what it was in the morning.

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While the sun sign of a person mostly reveals his or her personality traits, the moon sign analyzes his or her behavior. If the moon sign reflects positivity in its position, it means that the individual is kind, aware of the environment, socially active and in a generous mood.

A negative moon sign implies irritation, impatience, isolation from one’s surroundings, and a temperamental nature.The moon sign also reveals intimate details about the inner workings of a person’s mind. Together with the sun sign and the ascendant, one can make a fair idea of an individual’s personality using the appropriate moon sign.

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