The Twelve Spheres of Life

There are many ways of looking at the universe, one from the perspective of every planet in our solar system. While the system of looking at the universe from the perspective of the earth is called the geocentric system, looking at the universe from the point of view of the sun is called the heliocentric system. These are the two most common systems considered for astrological analyses and calculations.

While astrology is about the appearance of the universe from the perspective of an individual, and is not concerned with how it appears from the point of view of the astronomer, both systems are of equal importance, as the first system is used to decipher the realm of the personal or spiritual, as opposed to the second system, which yields information to the astrologer about the realm of the material world.

All the planets in the solar system move through the system of signs, but at different speeds, which is why the position of the planets in the different houses changes continuously as per the earth’s position. Thus for any astrological calculation, we find that birth time is so important, as every four minutes, the entire system shifts by a degree. After two hours, the entire house system will shift by an entire sign, resulting in each planet being located in the preceding house from where it was located as the house numbering system is counter clockwise in direction.

Every house in a birth chart represents a particular dimension of our life, and there are twelve such houses. The location of various planets in these houses changes how they influence your life, and the zodiac sign of a planet in your natal chart will show you these influences. The signs of the zodiac are said to represent twelve major personality types and modes of expression. The twelve signs are further classified into elemental divisions, namely fire, earth, air and water.

While the fire and air signs are attributed a masculine character, we find that the water and earth signs are attributed a feminine nature. The zodiac signs are also divided into the three qualities of cardinal, which are the leaders, the fixed, which are the people who follow rigorously and generally do not change readily, and the mutable, which can be changed readily. The extensive nature of the system makes it difficult to master and can thus prove to be a powerful tool in the hands of those who do master it.


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