The Water Element

In the Zodiac, the Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Those born under the Water signs are very interesting people. Waves of emotion and built-in sonar for reading moods are typical Water sign traits. Water signs are more likely to assess a situation according to the undercurrents present, rather than what is visible on the surface.

Those born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have a special sensitivity for all of their relationships. They seem to know intuitively when it’s time to show warmth and when it’s time to stay cool and distant. People born under the Water signs have a special knack for both bringing people together AND sucking the life out of relationships. Those born under the Water signs are better tuned in to the various shades of meaning in speech and action. They pick up the vibes of others more quickly than those born under the Fire, Earth, or Air signs.

That doesn’t mean that all people born under the Water signs are alike – far from it. Each sign in a triplicity has its own dominant quality.

There are three qualities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Under the Water sign:

* Cancer is Cardinal
* Scorpio is Fixed
* Pisces is Mutable

In very basic terms, Cancer initiates and leads, Scorpio is deep and focused, and Pisces is fluid and hard to pin down. When those born under the Water signs are mixed with those born under Earth, Fire or Air, you can expect different results with each. When Water is mixed with Earth, Water softens Earth while Earth draws Water into deeper layers of intimacy. An expressive and satisfying physical relationship is almost guaranteed.

But when Water is mixed with Fire, the outcome isn’t so certain. It can be good, in the way that steam is a calm and powerful force or, it can be bad, as Fire and Water can be mutually destructive. When Water is mixed with Air, the result can be described as “high humidity”. Water inspires Air to create stronger personal relationships, while Air helps Water put feelings into words. Mixing Water with Water results in a journey to the deep end of the ocean…for better or for worse!


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