Using Astrology to Stay Motivated

Have you ever been super inspired and motivated to head in a new direction, start a new project or accomplish something new, only to find yourself feeling like a failure a few days later?

I recently did a solar return (birthday) reading for a 26 year old woman that very much connected with the information and how it applied to issues that were currently happening in her life. The reading provided insight into her gifts and tools to use now for for the next year so that she could accomplish what she wanted. Before we hung up she expressed concern and hoped her enthusiasm wouldn’t wane as it had at times in the past; when the little voice inside her could fill her with doubt, using phrases like ” you’re not that great”.

This prompted me to remember that there have been cultures in which each child born within the tribe had “all eyes” watching to see who that child was and what gifts they would bring to their community. When the gift was seen, the child would be renamed and continue to have a special role withing the group throughout their life.

In our modern culture we are more isolated. Often the message is that though we may be quite good at something, we’re still nothing special. We live in an internet world that reminds us that there are others who can do it better. The message of “you’re not that special” is reemphasized time and again.



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